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Today's business environment demands a 24/7 word processing service accessible from home, from the road, from the office at any time of day or night. Through our worldwide network of proficient and highly trained experts, we can provide you with premium editorial support services at just a fraction of more costly alternatives.

We are ready to help you either as your primary word processing department or as a backup to your local office support. Stop paying overtime and wasting precious hours by training temporary staff. We develop services that match your style.

We understand that quality, convenience, and affordability are important to you. Thus, we offer a wide range of document assistance services in packages designed to help you with your specific language needs.

Word Processing and Transcription. If you need your voice-recorded correspondences, reports, conferences, and other business activities converted into readable transcripts. Simply send us the audio files and rest assured that a transcript of your digital voice file will be sent your way, within your convenient deadline, and in utmost confidentiality.

Document Editing and Formatting. If you need assistance in having your documents formatted, we can convert plain text files into professionally stylized documents. We can do everything you require in the field of document editing and formatting, from inserting hyperlinks connecting one document to another, to creating CDs for you.

English Language Review. If English is a secondary language to your staff, then you know you need language support to make your communications more effective.

Our English language support service possesses a unique distinction. We take the consultative approach to the editorial development of your language requirements. Our editorial specialists review, and suggest changes and improvements to your literary style, both to strengthen your manuscripts and advance your knowledge of proper written English.

Research and Report Generation. If you are in a rush to meet deadlines or you simply need professional assistance, we can help you gather from the Internet, your needed facts and information, with a complete and properly referenced bibliography.

Document Comparison. If you need to detail changes between audio and/or video transcriptions and written versions. We can compare different versions of a document, then identify, and log differences between them for you.

Presentations. If you need professional Powerpoint presentations, send us your dictated, handwritten, or typewritten data and we will draft screens for you to review and approve.

Spreadsheets. If you need to create, format, and maintain spreadsheets for one-off, weekly, or monthly reporting, or if you have countless amounts of data that need to be entered into a spreadsheet, we can work from instructions you give to our experts. We can even assign to you a specialist for dedicated and personalized attention.

Databases. If you have a huge amount of data that needs to be entered into a structured database, we can work with your team to establish secure methods that will allow us to enter this data, and verify it for you. We offer our entry and verification services at a lower cost than you may be paying for data entry alone right now.

No marketing database yet? We can arrange for your marketing database information to be input into a proper database, which you can then use to contact your client base. We can also handle the tedious and time-consuming job of updating for you, while ensuring complete confidentiality.

Document Conversion. If converting one document format into another is easy enough, retaining its professional formatting is not. We can convert and reformat your documents as often as you may deem necessary.

Paper Document to Digital File Conversion. If you need to turn your paper files into searchable digital information, we can use the latest OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software and the best high-resolution scanners to convert your paper files into fully searchable digital files. We even have trained and experienced personnel who will review, compare, and correct lapses in the OCR output to ensure an accurate digital version of your files.

Desktop Publishing. If you need a virtual publishing house, we can create newsletters, brochures, events invitations, bulletins, and more, using customized templates and designs to fit your specifications. Our staff is skilled in a variety of applications. You can even coordinate with them and see your requirements being put together with software developed specifically for remote viewing.

We can also see your projects through completion. We can send out individual e-mail copies of your publications to your marketing base while also handling all the continual maintenance of your newsletter contact updating process. We ensure quick response to your changes and ensure complete confidentiality in our service.

Web Page Maintenance. If you need a dependable web page administrator, look no further. We can maintain and update your web pages for you.

One-on-One English Review. If you need more in-depth reviews of your documents, we can arrange for one-on-one, question-and-answer sessions during which we can discuss your requirements in more detail.

English Training. We can arrange for our specialists to conduct classes at your location to provide either basic or advanced English Language Training.

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