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 Welcome to KGSupport - Academic Paper Submission Page

We are a quality English language center dedicated to providing the most reasonably priced editorial services to academics, professionals, and businesses.

Your research papers, term papers, reports, theses, dissertations, and other academic literature in English are your academic currency. Keep yourself competitive in the global academic arena.

Your perfect partner in this field needs to be a 24-hour-a-day/7-day-a-week word processing service accessible from your home, from the road, or from your school at any time of the day or night. Our worldwide network of proficient and highly trained experts can provide you with this kind of support.

We also understand that quality, convenience, and affordability are all important to you. Thus, we offer a wide range of document assistance services in packages designed to help you with your specific needs. We can provide you with high quality English editorial support services at just a fraction of more costly options.

Our support services are unique. We take the consultative approach to the editorial development of your language requirements. Our editorial specialists review, and suggest changes and improvements to your literary style not only to strengthen your manuscripts but to promote your creative independence as well.

Our standard rate for the review and edit of an academic document is US$6.50 per page (or HK$50.00 per page if you are in Hong Kong). Our charge is for single line spacing. Our normal page format is a page size of either 8.5" x 11" or A4, with 12 pts. Times New Roman lettertype. The margins are approximately one inch from all edges of the paper. The word count is approximately 450 words per page. This format will not affect the actual format of your paper but will only be used for charging purposes. Please also note that unless requested, we do not charge for, or review, sections of files with tables, figures, and references.

Our normal turnaround for documents (in MS Word format) of 30 pages or less is 72 hours. Documents more than 30 pages in length or in PDF format may need more time, and will be scheduled on a per file basis. We also provide a service for urgent requirements, but for this, special rates apply.

Our editorial specialists review and correct grammar, sentence structure, logical flow and transition of ideas, word choice, tense, and punctuation. When needed, we also insert comments to suggest changes and improvements to strengthen your paper. Thus, if some sentences will need to be re-phrased, you can be assured that it will be without losing their original meaning.

Quality is our most important driving factor. All documents submitted to us go through a two-step review process, with the final review performed by a senior editor with years of experience in editing professional documents.

Our translation service package comes with a FREE English review (valued at US$6.50 per page or HK$50.00. This review is conducted by our English editors once the translation draft is completed to ensure you of a competent translated file.
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Paypal is our normal method of payment. Paypal is a secure service for paying by credit card. When using our website (www.kgsupport.com ) to submit the document, our website will take you to Paypal after you submit your document. Paypal does not cost anything extra to use and is extremely safe and secure.

You may look at their webpage at https://www.Paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=p/auc/new_ebay_buyer_intro-outside.

We also can accept bank transfers; however, bank transfer fees are
not included in our rate, and must be covered by yourself.

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Normal Academic English Language review.  6.50 US$ a Page. Documents of 40 pages or less normally returned to you in 48 -72 hours. Larger documents will take more time.
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Urgent Academic English Language review. 12 US$ a Page. Documents of 15 pages or less are normally returned to you in 6 - 12 hours. Larger documents will take more time; however, they will be completed on a urgent basis.
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We also offer custom editorial services. For other English Languages Services, please contact us via e-mail, fax or phone to cover your requirements.




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For other English Languages Services, please contact us via email, fax or phone to cover your requirements.